Spring 2023 Jewelry Trends

Spring 2023 Jewelry Trends

rends are always on the move, so it’s no wonder that while last season’s jewelry trends are certainly not out of style, there are several new trends that have popped up recently. After doing some investigating of my own, I have compiled some Spring 2023 jewelry trends that are worth trying out and won’t disappear anytime soon.

Cocktail Rings

Do you remember those large heart rings that you could get for kids? Now, you can welcome the adult version of those rings into your life. Cocktail rings are becoming increasingly popular, and this is something I am looking forward to. Large stones can be bezeled in gold to help emphasize the color of the stone. This trend may be a bit out there for some, but it is worth trying! Statement rings can be adapted to your own tastes—all you really need is to showcase an eye-catching stone and you’re good to go!

Lost and Found

A trend that I am particularly excited to see is the incorporation of found objects into jewelry. These found objects can range from vintage and antique charms to ethically sourced animal bones or insect wings. The possibilities for this trend seem endless, from antique charms given a new life in a modern design to jewelry using insect wings or even animal teeth. The found objects jewelry trend also leans into the statement trend in jewelry.

Clay Jewelry

Clay jewelry continues to be popular, and for good reason. This jewelry is often lightweight, making it perfect for statement pieces and for overall wear. I have seen clay jewelry in many forms, but lightweight polymer clay earrings are an especially popular option, as it allows for those who may have sensitive ears to wear statement earrings. Polymer clay comes in many colors and finishes and can be made into fun patterned hoops, dangles, or studs. The versatility of clay allows it to adapt to other trends and stay relevant. The material is also fairly affordable, making it a great trend for anyone to try.

Cuff Bracelets

Rethink cuff bracelets, because they are coming back into style once again. It’s been some time since I’ve seen chunky cuffs in stores, but I’m happy they’re back! Cuff bracelets add a lot to an outfit and are pretty easy when it comes to styling. To fully embrace this trend, you may want to go for a brass or gold finish and layer a few other bracelets.

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